Stewardship Reflection

Our readings today remind us that God always has our best interest in mind. No matter what is going on in our lives, God is with us.  Our First Reading is from the end of the book of Job.  The book of Job is an incredible story of God allowing trials and suffering to occur in Job’s life  God knows that Job is a faithful man and will not turn away from Him despite hardship, so the Lord allows destruction in Job’s life. 

     In moments of trial, we often live our days in a panic.  It is as if our life is like the life of those disciples.  We see the water coming into our boat and we do all that we can in our power to stay afloat.  We aimlessly try to throw the water overboard, and we become exhausted because it is thrown right back into our face.  We are frantic so we fail to stop and recognize that our Savior is in the same boat with us. 

     Therefore, during our trials, cling to Jesus.  Know that there is an end, and whether we see the end in this life or the next, God allows it all for our salvation.  Today, let us thank God for His presence in our lives, and ask for the eyes of faith to see that He is right here with us always. 

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