March 19, 2023 – The Fourth Sunday of Lent

Families and the Gospel   John 9:1-41

Failure to forgive blinds us to another’s goodness.  Lent provides an opportunity to wash away our blind-spots in the pool of forgiveness.  Listen to Jesus in today’s gospel:  “Go wash and see.” 

Lenten Guidelines All Fridays of Lent March 24, & 31) are days of abstinence. Good Friday (April 7th) is a  day of fast and abstinence.

FASTING refers to only one full meal with two small meals and no eating otherwise for the day.

    ABSTINENCE refers to not eating meat at all during the day. 

     All those who have reached their 14th year are obligated to ABSTAIN. The church directs the Holy fast to all those in their 18th year until their 60th year.  (Canon 1525) The ancient practice of fasting and abstaining can occur throughout the other days of

Lent. This is not obligatory and can take a variety of forms distinct from food.

LENTEN PRAYER OPPORTUNITIES In addition to weekend and weekday Masses, all are invited to: 

Wed thru Fri7:30 amRosary before Mass
Wed.3:30 pmRosary for the unborn
Thursday8:30 to 9:30 amExposition of the Blessed Sacrament
Thursday9:30 amBenediction
Friday9:00 amSt. Matthew School Stations of the Cross
Friday6:30 pmDivine Mercy Chaplet
Friday7:00 pmStations of the Cross
Saturday4:55 pmRosary before Mass
Sunday9:55 amRosary before Mass
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