The 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time – October 20, 2019

Families and the Gospel                                         Luke 18:1-8
The widow in today’s gospel is praised for her PERSEVERANCE. In our homes perseverance is a critical ingredient to resolving differences and teaching lessons and skills to children. Perseverance is always an act of faith in the goodness of the other person.                           

Pastor:  Reverend Jozef  Kovacik

Phone: (814) 684-1480 (Parish Office & Rectory)
Fax: (814) 684-7969


Weekend Mass Schedule: Saturday at 5:30 PM
                                                 Sunday at 10:30 AM
Weekday Mass Schedule:
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 8:00 AM
Holy Day of Obligation Mass Schedule:
– at 9:00 AM & 7:00 PM

Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on Saturday at 6:30 PM or anytime upon request.

Please remember if these times do not allow you to attend mass you can do so at Saint Joseph Church in Bellwood either on Saturday at 4:00 PM or Sunday at 8:00 AM and also on Monday at 8:00 AM and Tuesday at 6:00 PM and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated on Saturday at 3:30 PM.


Great News! Our Saint Matthew Parish Directory is completed. They will be available for pick-up the weekend of October 12th and 13th in the Gathering Space. Your name will be on the directory and will they will be placed in alphabetical order.

CEMETERY UPDATE As we are approaching the celebration of All Souls (November 2) and we remember and pray for our deceased relatives and friends we are also reminded of the fact that one day we will need a burial spot where our earthly remains will be laid to rest. We are blessed with two cemeteries where we can be buried: Saint Luke in Sinking Valley and Oak Grove in Tyrone. I would like to let you know that the price for the privilege of burial (including perpetual care) in a plot of ground (or what has been referred to as buying a cemetery plot) in either of these cemeteries will increase from $350 to $400 starting January 1, 2020. If interested, please stop at the church office and make arrangements. Father Jozef

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