Liturgical Ministries and Other Parish Ministries –Weekly Schedules

Lectors: Weekdays – S McNelis

Lectors – May 28/29, 2022

Sat.   5:30 pm   D Strayer, S McNelis, S Chappell

Sun.10:30 am   S Cowher, K Naylor, T Naylor

Extraordinary Ministers Eucharist May 28/29, 2022

Sat.    5:30 pm    M Rozick

 Sun. 10:30 am   S Stoner

Altar Servers:  May 28/29, 2022

Sat.    5:30 pm     E Narehood, H Narehood

Sun. 10:30 am     Q Cowher, S Cowher

Music Ministers –  May 28/29, 2022

Sat.    5:30 pm     Richard/Leslie

Sun. 10:30 am    Tammy/Erin

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