Liturgical Ministries and Other Parish Ministries –Weekly Schedules



Weekdays   8:00 AM – T. Jeffries

February 26th and February 29 and March 1

Ash Wednesday: 7 pm – D. Cunnigham, S. Friday, A. Brisbin

Sat.   5:30 PM    S. Burkholder, L. Morrison, M. Raffetto, Sr.

Sun. 10:30 AM    T. Jeffries, J. Ieraci, B. Hiergeist 


Altar Servers  February 26th and February 29 and March 1

Ash Wednesday: 7 pm – Isaac, Chase, and Miles Weber

Sat.   5:30 PM     E. Narehood, I. Weber

Sun.10:30 AM     P. Fleissner, J. Gilliland


Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist – Feb. 26th and Feb. 29th and March 1st

Ash Wednesday: 7 pm – S. Hall+

Sat.    5:30 PM      J. Zeigler+

Sun. 10:30 AM     S. Thomas+


Music Ministers –  Feb. 26th and Feb. 29 and March 1

Wednesday: 7 pm – Tammy/Maureen

Sat.    5:30 PM       

Sun.  10:30 AM      


February $ Counters-  P. DelBaggio, V. Frantz, D. Cunningham   

—————————————————————————————Church Cleaners: February 23rd to March 7th   S. Friday, M. Stager, H. Dillon, D. Cunningham, K. Wilson 

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