Stewardship Reflection January 17, 2021

 Imagine Jesus asking you, “What are you looking for?”  We might respond with answers like a better job, more kids, retirement, or any number of things what we think will make our lives better.  The things we seek may be righteous, but as disciples of Christ, we should first and foremost seek the Kingdom of God.  The story of Jesus’ first disciples concludes with Andrew intentionally sharing the gift of meeting the Lord and did not hoard it to himself.  Instead he sought his brother and proclaimed what he had experienced, which serves as a reminder to us 

     Our calling is to be missionary disciples to seek the Lord and share what we have found.  Our faith is a gift?  The first role of a steward of the Good News is to share it with others.  Let us begin Ordinary time in the Year of Grace 2021 with this in mind.  May we respond as Samuel did, “Here am I, Lord; I come to do Your will!”

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