Stewardship Reflection August 2, 2020


    The disciples in today’s gospel looked to Jesus to feed the thousands of people in the crowds and he told them. “there is no need for them to go away; give them some food yourselves.”  When the disciples claimed they did not have enough with only the small amount of five loaves and two fish among themselves, Jesus challenged them to be personally responsible and not allow them to abandon the crowd in their time of need. 

     The simple gifts accepted by Jesus were given in an act of love and trust.  No matter how small or limited our gifts seem we must personally share them with generosity.  God will make what we offer “enough.”  Simple gifts were “multiplied.”  During the past six months we have witnessed thousands of men, women, and children being the giver of simple gifts to the “crowds” throughout our country and beyond who are in very extreme circumstances and levels of need.  Will we share our simple gifts of “loaves and fishes” as a habit and not wait for someone else to step forward first? 

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