Stewardship Reflection

  Our Lord chose to include the servants to assist in the performance of His first public miracle.  2,000 plus years later, He still chooses to include us in his miracles through our cooperation with Him in using the gifts and talents He has given us.  What a privilege!  It is also a sobering reality that because God has made each of us with unique and different gifts, we are required to use our gifts to benefit all of those around us, especially our parish communities.  All members, young and old, must share their gifts for the good of all.  The parish family will suffer if even one member holds back.

     Let us take care to listen to our Blessed Mother as Jesus did.  Let us examine our lives this week to see if we really are “doing whatever He tells us,” and are cooperating with God to make the best use of the gifts He has given us.  If we take this call seriously, He will perform miracles in all our families and community.  (Stewardship Reflection, Catholic Stewardship Consultants, Inc. 2021/12/21)

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