Stewardship Reflection

 Two disciples agreed to follow Jesus, but only on the condition that they first take care of what they needed to .  We are called to put Christ and His kingdom ahead of our own plans if we want a victory in the battle of selfishness.  Stewardship living provides us with a commitment to keep a custom-made ‘training plan.”  It is a plan discerned through prayer, and by looking at the realities of our unique circumstances, strengths and limitations we can make specific offering of our time, talent, and treasure. 

      The daily commitment to the plan strengthens us and helps us gradually move away from the “yes,, but” attitude and move towards an unqualified “Yes!” to Christ and His will.  Do not afraid to give the best of yourself and your gifts to Christ.   (Stewardship Reflection, Catholic Stewardship Consultants, Inc. 2019/05/17)


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