Stewardship Reflection May 31, 2020

Life is always unstable; we do not know what tomorrow will bring. Coronavirus reminds us that tomorrow is not guaranteed, plans get broken and we do not (and cannot) control everything. One thing we can always count on is God’s Love and Providence. The more we trust in God and obey His Will, our fear for the future and despair for the present will fade away. You can never become too holy or too close to God, so no matter where you are on your faith journey you can always grow in the Faith.

Now is the time to grow closer to God. Allow and invite the Holy Spirit into your life to strengthen and guide you. How would your life look if you were to take upon a new prayer habit? What if each morning you said a prayer to the Holy Spirit to guide you throughout the day? Even if just once a week, you read the Gospel reading of the day? During this time of change and uncertainty, grow in your Faith and grow closer to the Lord.

Living Stewardship This week, invite the Holy Spirit into your life and heart. Like the Apostles 2,000 years ago, let us be transformed by the Holy Spirit so that we can spread the Good News everywhere we go.

Intercession Pentecost Sunday is the birthday of the Church! Lord, we pray for all of Priests, Religious and Deacons. We pray for all Bishops and our Pope.


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