Stewardship Reflection October 25, 2020

      Jesus calls on us to deny ourselves and follow him. Perhaps he is trying to help us see that everything we think we own is really a gift from God.  Stewardship is a call to discern our wants from our needs, a call to prioritize our lives so we can spend our precious time and resources on what is truly important.

 Stewardship is our faith lived out in our daily lives.  We must have faith that God will always provide what we need and faith that we can live a disciple‚Äôs life as he calls us, and faith that when we fail because of our human weaknesses, He is still there to provide comfort, to lift us up and help us to try again.

 Good stewards recognize that to strive to use all their gifts responsibly is not a burden but is living the mission of Jesus as baptized believers.  May we make the burdens of others lighter by sharing hope through our acts of kindness and mercy.

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